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Auto Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer

Looking for a reliable and efficient auto ethylene oxide gas steriliser?


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Founded in 1993, we are a leading manufacturer of Medical Technology Products for all major medical applications in the field, which includes oxygen generators, anaesthesia station, steam sterile, EOMATIC, etc. Our goal is simple – to provide world-class technology to healthcare providers all over the world. Having proven our credibility over the years, we emphasise quality, consistency, and customer service above all. 


Our raw materials are sourced from reliable vendors with similar visions and we have built our team from the ground up consisting of skilled and driven individuals who are focused on the task at hand. We conform to quality regulations set by the URS, CE, and IAF besides our in-house and customer-mandated checks. This ensures that each of our products that roll out of our manufacturing floor is of the highest quality and performance. 


Here at Cistron Systems, we are proud of our history and humbled by our customer’s faith in us as one of the top auto ethylene oxide gas sterilisers in the market.

Auto Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer