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“B-Sterile” – Fully Automatic Steam Sterilizer

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  • Classic ergonomic design.
  • Complete pre-set Automatic Cycle with manual override
    (Optional: Programmable sterilization cycle with display).
  • Material of Construction – 100% Stainless Steel Grade including stand, Door, Boiler, Control Panels & Fittings.
  • 4 level safety feature to confirm hazard-free steam environment.
  • Digital temperature gauge with one digit decimal value.
  • “Fast-Fill” – Instant filling of the chamber to avoid condensation.
  • Industrial designed Ejector system for efficient vacuum.
  • Water ring cycle vacuum pump for efficient and totally dry output.
  • IBA certified stream trap system, to get good efficiency of the boiler.
  • Newly Designed Float system for upper and lower water limit of the boiler.

Technical Specification

  • Durable and reliable industrial PLC system working with 24VDC input.
  • 6KW * 3 -> 18KW heater element.
  • 2.1 Bar operational pressure at 134oC temperature.
  • 10-12 minutes rapid sterilization cycle, with energy-efficient valve bench.
  • Safety pressure release at 3.5 Bar.
  • Safety temperature cutoff at 140oC.
  • Low water audio-visual alarm.
  • Cycle complete, audio-visual alarm.
  • Cycle stage indication through LED visual monitoring.
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