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Cistron Harmony Plus

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  • Truly “MAKE IN INDIA”.
  • Suitable for adult & pediatrics patients.
  • CVV, PCV, Manual, Demo, and Sigh modes of operation.
  • Optional: SIMV(VCV) and SIMV(PCV) – with the flow and pressure triggers.
  • Tidal volume: 50ml to 1500ml.
  • 8” TFT color display with graphs & loops.
  • Digitized adjustable PEEP 0 – 25.
  • I:E ratio – 1:10 to 4:1.
  • 3 gas systems, oxygen, nitrous oxide, and air.
  • Easy lock central line connectors for air, oxygen, and nitrous oxide.
  • Alarms: Minute volume, Peak airway pressure, Expiratory tidal volume, BPM Rate, FiO2, Mains failure, Battery low, Battery discharged, Oxygen supply failure, Apnea & Circuit occlusion.
  • 5 tube radio-controlled hypoxia guarded rotameter.
  • Additional safety, oxygen piloted nitrous oxide cut-off valve.
  • Easy to fill soda lime canister.
  • Integrated breathing circuit of high quality.
  • Selectatec bar for mounting 2 vaporizers, prevent unwanted leaks and over delivery.
  • Easily removable and sterilizable flow sensor module.
  • Open and close circuit change over provision with separate ports.
  • 360 degrees rotating wheels for easy maneuverability in the OT with a lock.
  • Battery Backup for a ventilator. 
Special Features

FiO2 monitoring.

Dual-source (Air/O2) selectable switch for below-driving gas.

Inbuilt aspirator (suction apparatus).

Low flow oxygen port with a humidifier.

Shouldered vertically adjustable monitor stand.

Bright LED reading lamp.

Mobile/accessories charging ports.


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