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“B-Sterile” – Fully Automatic Steam Sterilizer

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Classic ergonomic design.

Complete pre-set Automatic Cycle with manual override
(Optional: Programmable sterilization cycle with display).

Material of Construction – 100% Stainless Steel Grade including stand, Door, Boiler, Control Panels & Fittings.

4 level safety feature to confirm hazard-free steam environment.

Digital temperature gauge with one digit decimal value.

“Fast-Fill” – Instant filling of the chamber to avoid condensation.

Industrial designed Ejector system for efficient vacuum.

Water ring cycle vacuum pump for efficient and totally dry output.

IBA certified stream trap system, to get good efficiency of the boiler.

Newly Designed Float system for upper and lower water limit of the boiler.

Technical Specification

Durable and reliable industrial PLC system working with 24VDC input.


6KW * 3 -> 18KW heater element.


2.1 Bar operational pressure at 134oC temperature.


10-12 minutes rapid sterilization cycle, with energy-efficient valve bench.


Safety pressure release at 3.5 Bar.


Safety temperature cutoff at 140oC.


Low water audio-visual alarm.


Cycle complete, audio-visual alarm.


Cycle stage indication through LED visual monitoring.

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